Transcription Service

Transcription Service

The best transcription service. At the best price.

The best transcription service. At the best price.

Looking for a professional transcription?

Transcription refers to a method of transcribing audio recordings into text. This data conversion method involves the use of different kinds of recording devices. Nowadays, the most commonly used recording devices transcribers use are smartphones or digital recording gadgets.

The typical transcribing process begins with the recording in a device that the transcriber will use. To ensure accuracy and speed, transcribers utilize some apps that assist in typing out the audio while transcribing. Once transcribing is done, the transcript is produced and thoroughly edited before sending it out to the client.

Transcribers are not robots but human beings who are skilled to carefully listen and encode recordings. Human beings are better than automated transcription softwares because they convert audio recordings into text with very minimal to zero errors. Also, in case you have issues about the final product, you can contact the transcriber right away. In other words, transcription softwares cannot outsmart what humans can do.

Our transcription service

You’ve landed on this page because you are looking for a professional audio-video transcription service. Look no further, because you’ve reached the right place. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need high quality transcription services and we’ll get back to you right away. You are sure to get the best transcription service at the best price.

Steer clear of relying on transcription software because they are not as cost-effective as seeking the service of our expert transcribers. Our transcribers can deliver 100 percent accuracy and can handle all sorts of digital content format. We can assure you that we are one of the best transcription service providers because our human transcribers were carefully screened and selected. 

We know the importance of choosing the best folks to collaborate with us so that we don’t just meet but exceed every client’s expectations. We put value and effort in every transcription request. This means before you receive the final transcript, we can guarantee that our human transcribers take the time to edit and proofread them.

Our service includes the transcription of lectures, interviews, YouTube videos, meetings, conferences and webinars. We will make an audio proof of your document and Google search for names, acronyms, terminologies and corporate jargon. For each job, we ensure every transcription goes through the following:

  • Typing and punctuation
  • Structuring and editing
  • Proofreading
  • Timestamps
  • Unlimited revisions



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