Professional Translation Service

Professional Translation Service

The best translation service. At the best price.

The best translation service. At the best price.

Our Top-notch Translation Service​​​

Translate Pages™ is a translation agency that provides superior translation solutions for any type of document. We have established ourselves in the translation industry as a service that only collaborates with expert translators, offering fast, efficient translations. You are in the right place for the best translation at the best price.

As a multifaceted language business, we target your every linguistic need by providing the best translation service at the best price. By doing this, we help to localize or globalize your business. We offer a huge list of languages, each wielded by a professional, native-speaking translator.

We’re based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and offer our services everywhere, including Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, , Pietermaritzburg, East London, Port Elizabeth and the rest of South Africa as well as internationally.

So, look no further because you’ve come to the right site for a high quality translation at an unbeatable price.

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Find a cheaper quote and we'll beat it!

Find a cheaper quote and we'll beat it!

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Affordable translations

We provide a superior translation at an unbeatable price. In fact, we are confident that our rates are the cheapest in the industry.

Request a quote here.

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Fast turnaround time ​

Most jobs are completed within 1 to 4 business days depending on the size and specific expertise required.

Let us know if you require a faster turnaround time.

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7 day work week ​

Need to start a translation job over the weekend? No problem. We're available 7 days a week from 9 am to 10 pm.

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25% discount on your first order with us

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Specialist translators

Each translator specializes in a certain language translation service field. This means we can accurately translate your language into the chosen target language always ensuring eloquent prose and technical specificity.

For the industries we cover, go here.

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Professional, bilingual translators ​

The translation service that we provide is performed by trained translators, if not native in both source and target language, then native in one and fluent in the other.

Whether you need a translation to or from English or another language, we can provide the service you need.

Let’s Make Things Awesome, Together

Let’s Make Things Awesome, Together
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Translation Languages

These are our most commonly requested languages, but we cover pretty much every language out there. Just let us know your requirements. ​

Technical Nature Of Translation

To offer you the best translation service at the best price, we specialize in the following types of translation (click for more info):

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Academic translations cover scientific reports, academic journals, thesis, dissertations, and research papers.

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Business General

Business translations include word documents, spreadsheets, basic product information or any document not requiring specific technical expertise. 

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Financial translations include company records and any forex, jargon-rich documentation.

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Legal translations include court minutes, court orders, annulments, divorce settlements, wills and estate reports.

Terrific Translation Marketing


Marketing translations include advertising documents, pamphlets as well as presentations.

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Tech translations cover user or instruction manuals as well as detailed product documentation.

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Patent translations include the conversion of patent-related information, like patent claims, into the desired language.

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We understand what you need from a translation

At Translate Pages™ we understand and respect that translation services are often required for sensitive situations, involving confidential subject matter. Therefore, we strictly observe the confidential nature of each and every translation.

We realize that it is a vital necessity for your doctor to accurately translate medical translations to a foreign patient or for your company to provide translated financial reports to overseas investors. We understand the apprehension that accompanies the translation of legal documents perhaps involving divorce or immigration. Furthermore, we sympathize with clients needing the translation of family documents, a will or documents involving a family estate.

Consequently, we do our utmost to not only provide a terrific translation, but also to observe the dignity and gravitas that more sensitive translations require.

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We work to ensure accuracy and relevance​

Our professional translators don’t just focus on converting the information from the source language to the desired, target language. They add a touch of human understanding as well, whilst maintaining the core essence of the content in each translation.

Additionally, our translators keep track of how different industries change and develop. This is because we believe that using the essential and most accurate industry-specific terminology, is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the translation and relevance within the industry.