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A blog about all the things that make language terrific. We love literature too.

A blog about all the things that make language terrific.

Why a language blog?

Here at Translate Pages™, we’re fascinated by language. And so we’ve decided to compile a blog that delves into many different aspects of language that make it interesting, colorful and dynamic. If you’ve got a great idea for a blog post, please let us know here

As you’ll soon see, we’re also big fans of movies and books. Specifically, movies and books about writing. As long as it’s language-related, we’re keen to discuss it.

After spending 14 years Taipei and Beijing, I have a special interest in Mandarin. I’ve put together a little review about the Pleco Chinese dictionary which I think is an absolutely paramount resource for anyone learning Chinese. 

Image of freelancing in the blog post how to become a freelancer

How To Become A Freelance Translator

Nowadays, most workers prefer to work during their free time instead of being confined in a conventional 8 to 5 corporate job. If you want

Image of different people in the post Cross-Cultural Issues Of Website Translations

Cross-Cultural Issues Of Website Translations

Translation presupposes a deep comprehension of communication between different cultures. Aside from accuracy or quality, the cross-cultural issues of website translations are also concerns translators

Image of transportation in the post Let’s take a deep dive into the importance of a good translation in the transportation industry

Good Translation In The Transportation Industry

Since the transportation industry also involves businesses such as shipping lines, logistics, airlines, or public utility vehicles, language translation would be of great help. Translators

Image of a woman looking in a dictionary in the post 5 traits of a good translator

5 Traits Of A Good Translator

Being a translator is not as simple as many imagine. However, knowing one or more languages does not precisely qualify them to be a linguist.

Image of scales in the blog post what makes a good legal translation

What Makes A Good Legal Translation

Legal translators are expected to deliver good legal translation because they are handling documents containing crucial and sensitive information. They must ensure that accuracy is

Image of website translation in the post what make for a good website translation

What Makes For A Good Website Translation

If you’re eyeing for broader audience reach, you must consider website translation. But that’s not the end of it. You must be aware of what

Image of video game translation fail in the post human translation of video games

Human Translation Of Video Games

Every time a gaming company offers a new game into the market, they look at the reception of their game — whether it is popular,

Image of machine translation in the post The Limitations of Computers as Translation Tools

The Limitations Of Computers As Translation Tools

Computer-assisted translation or machine translation has been on the rise. There are numerous websites that can translate almost any language into another target language. On

Image of different languages in the post how to hire a proficient translator

How To Hire A Proficient Translator

If you’re in the market for a proficient translator then there are many things you have to look for. There’s more to translation that what

Image of Swedish building in the post Swedish Translation Advice

Swedish Translation Advice

Nestled in the northern portion of Europe, Sweden is a Nordic country with a large population of more than 10 million. Its business district and

Image of Seoul, Korea to signify Korean translation service

The Traits Of A Good Korean Translation

The Hallyu wave or the sudden growth of Korean culture across the world has heightened the demand for Korean translation. The interest in the Korean

Image of globe and language books in the post how translation services benefit tourism

How A Translation Service Benefits Tourism

Professional translation services help travel-related businesses to promote tourism. In a world where tourism now relies heavily on the internet for marketing and booking, translation

Image of Chinese translation in the blog challenges of a Chinese translation

The Challenges Of A Chinese Translation

Chinese is one of the most ancient and widely spoken languages in the world. It is also deemed as one of the most difficult languages

Image in the How Spanish can help business blog post

How Spanish Translations Can Help Your Business

People of the 21st century have been around long enough to see the countless possibilities of business advancements. Translation has been a substantial component of

Image for academic translation

What Is Important In An Academic Translation

Academic texts typically include journals, reports, articles, books, dissertations and research papers. These documents play a crucial role in keeping the world informed and educated

Image of man struggling to understand in the blog Lost in Translation - Epic Branding Fails

Lost In Translation – Epic Branding Fails

You might not want your brand to become a laughing stock or worse, offensive to other cultures if you’re considering translating it for global expansion

Image for translation fails

How A Bad Translation Can Hurt Your Business

Business translation is designed for companies or organizations eyeing global expansion. It helps businesses communicate clearly with the international target market. In order for your

Main image representing legal which is featured in the article about the best legal translation at the best price

5 Legal Documents Needing Translation

Legal translation is not an easy feat. Translators must be well versed with the terms, jargon and phrases they encounter in every legal material they

Image of books in the post top 5 novels about novelists

Top 5 Novels About Novelists

Novels about novelists are the ideal platform in terms of discussing the writing and publishing industries. Who else is more qualified to narrate the highs

Image of typewriter in books in the post 6 translated books you need to read

6 Translated Books You Need To Read

Certain ideas and themes in books have a universal appeal not because they are culture or creed specific, but because they tap into the human

Image of cell phone in the post how translation apps benefit our lives

How Translation Apps Benefit Our Lives

As the digital age continues to revolutionize, language isn’t much of a barrier anymore thanks to the aid of translation apps. With more companies joining

Image of 10 classics covers in the Why The Classics Are Important post

Why The Classics Are Important

10 of The Guardian’s best 100 novels written in English. The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye are my favourites. Click to see


10 Awesome Quotes – Ranked

I have always been besotted with literature and language. When I was in my 20’s and had a lot more time on my hands, I

Still from Adaptation, one of the best movies about writing

Best Movies About Writing

Writing is one of the most revered professions, both for those who do it and for those who don’t. Several movies have been made about

Image of man doing transcription in the post transcription can help your business

How Transcription Can Help Your Business

Transcription can be extremely powerful if done correctly and there are several ways that transcription can help your business grow. Here are a few:  It

Image of machine translation in the post The Limitations of Computers as Translation Tools

Will I Lose My Translation Job to a Machine?

For the longest time, translation services have been the source of freelance income for a lot of people. However, recent advances in technology have brought

Image of intelligent dog to promote the neologism contest

The Neologism Contest

Each year The Washington Post holds a neologism contest. Contestants are asked to make up new meanings for common words. My favorite would have to be ‘willy-nilly’

Still of Apocalypse Now in The Life Of Joseph Conrad post

Joseph Conrad And Apocalypse Now

Ride of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now (1979). The film was based on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. But his soul was mad. Being alone

Image of Big Brother in Why George Orwell Matters blog post

Why George Orwell Matters

George Orwell invented the concept of Big Brother in his dystopian masterpiece, 1984 Although George Orwell died young, he certainly left behind a ton of

New Dictionary Words for 2019 main image

New Dictionary Words for 2019

Each year, new words evolve to describe the events, conditions and experiences that we, as people on this earth, encounter. In any given year, one